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Working With ProjectScaffold : 0 - Introduction

What's Project Scaffold?

So you've got this great new idea and you want to write some software to express yourself! But first, there's a whole bunch of engineering infrastructure that you would typically have to set up.

  1. A source control repository - maybe github - where your code and documentation can be organised and managed,
  2. Somewhere to build the code once it's checked in and run your tests (you are writing tests, aren't you?) so you have some confidence about the quality of your code.
  3. Somewhere to publish the documentation and reference material so others can start deriving value from your work easily.
  4. Somewhere to publish the compiled artefacts as a package - say nuget - so that others can get your code in compiled form and reference it in their projects.
  5. Some form of release process that allows you to repeatably perform these housekeeping activities

And once you have these, you can write some code!

Now, if you're like me, you want all these things given to you in some form, so that you can focus on just writing the code. This is what ProjectScaffold gives you!

The project itself is located here; and there is a 'Getting Started' tutorial here.

I was able to put up a couple of projects using these instructions. I did run into some gotchas the first time - mostly because I didn't fully understand what was going on. The second project was a migration of code from codeplex, and it was much faster.

I'm writing this post series for people who have little exposure to all the tools and technologies used, so some of it may border on the bleeding obvious - but that's a good thing, in my opinion, because I'm not assuming that everyone knows what I do! :)