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Working With ProjectScaffold : 1 - Getting Started

Getting started


ProjectScaffold will create a folder structure for you, add bindings for your source control repo, generate basic projects, and provide you with scripts for building your code.

In my experience, it's better to start with a clone of the ProjectScaffold project.

At the directory that you want your repository to be a child of, clone the project:

git clone fsprojects/projectscaffold

This will create a directory called my-awesome-project, which will have both the source of fsprojects/ProjectScaffold, and also its entire history.

git log

You may actually not want that as the baseline of your project, so go ahead and remove the .git directory now.

rm -rf .git

Now, to be able to make a fresh start if you mess up, I recommend creating a git repo and committing the state of the code as you downloaded it.

git init

git add

git commit

git log

Now is a good time to create your github repository. You'll need it for the step below.

Make sure you check the 'Initialize this repository with a README'

create a new git repo on

Set your local repo's "origin" remote to your new repo git remote add origin ...