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Hello (again)!

After many years of blogging on, and a year or so of not blogging anywhere at all, I decided to resurface here.

Many things have happened in the hiatus: I moved jobs - twice; worked in two different cities - in different countries; spoke at conferences in 4 different countries; moved to a different continent; and even switched technologies, platforms, programming paradigms and career paths. I've picked up a few new good habits, hung out with a few different crowds, and learned a bunch more - so maybe this time around the blog may even be interesting!

I hope to be writing about Functional Programming, Distributed Computing, Azure and .NET, and general Programming and Computer Science issues. I hope to provoke thought, interaction, activity - and perhaps even controversy for any number of good causes!

You can connect with me on LinkedIn or interact with me on Twitter. I welcome comments - brickbats or otherwise - on this blog. I'll set up a Disqus thing shortly!

Stay Tuned, Have Fun, and Be Good To Each Other!