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An opinionated, batteries-included, set of templates and libraries to enable you to easily start developing applications with Microsoft Orleans on Azure.

Orleans UniversalSilo

Orleans is a flexible platform for building distributed applications.

Orleans, by itself, does not mandate or recommend a specific configuration or deployment strategy. This is how it should be, as Orleans needs to support the widest variety of use-cases and provide the highest degree of flexibility.

In practice, however, this flexibility may present a beginner with too many choices and too much ceremony - taking focus away from the joy of using Orleans!

This does not have to be the case at all! Orleans does not, in reality, require a steep learning curve.

This library attempts to provide a simple, boilerplate free foundation on which to get started with Orleans, with pragmatic defaults and extension points, allowing a developer to focus on grain design and testing whilst providing opinionated guidance around the real-world concerns of configuration, packaging, service presentation and deployment.

Read more about the design philosophy here

Using this library is best done by interacting with the working bits published to Nuget. This will allow you to focus on building Orleans applications in your choice of idiomatic C# or F# with the least ceremony.

Getting started is easy. Follow the QuickStart Guide:

1. Install the templates

dotnet new --install Orleans.Contrib.UniversalSilo.Templates

2. Create an application with a name like HelloOrleansWorld.

$ dotnet new orleans-webapi --name HelloOrleansWorld
The template "Orleans: WebAPI Direct Client" was created successfully.

This will create a fully-functional C# application in the HelloOrleansWorld folder.

You can also choose to generate the project in F# by using the following command:

$ dotnet new orleans-webapi --name HelloOrleansWorld --language F#
The template "Orleans: WebAPI Direct Client" was created successfully.

Table of Contents

Setup Environment

First Steps

The Development/Deployment Workflow

Customizing and Configuring Your Application